About Us

Mission: Hope

In 2005, Mission: Hope (formerly Rivers of the World or ROW) began its work in Barahona, Dominican Republic where thousands of people live in extreme poverty in refugee camps known as bateyes. Over the next five years, we served by working with a local medical clinic, constructing pit latrines, cementing floors in homes, installing water purification systems, and conducting vacation bible school (VBS).

In 2010, a team was sent to Haiti, where we participated in earthquake relief efforts in Port au Prince and The Sanchez Hospital in Barahona, Dominican Republic. That same year, Mission: Hope began actively working on the construction of the orphanage adjacent to Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana in Barahona. The orphanage was completed in July 2012 and dedicated for use in September. It is a 105-bed facility that serves displaced Haitian and Dominican boys, giving them a safe home, three meals a day, education, health and Jesus. It also serves as a Pastor Training facility for Mission: Hope.

On the eastern side of the island, in La Romana, Mission: Hope has partnered with El Buen Samaritano Hospital and works in bateyes. In the bateyes in Barahona and La Romana areas, we continue a very strong program that includes medical clinics, clean water systems and evangelism. To date, in western Dominican Republic, we have provided clean water for over 40,000 refugees! The systems are tested regularly and we have a full-time staff person who maintains the filtration systems. We have been using our solar powered Bibles, our solar light bulbs and our gospel soccer balls to help spread the word about Jesus in the Dominican Republic. Rev. Dr. Keith Burnett taught and graduated the first class of 26 men and women from the Mathes Pastor Training School in March 2014.